Dr Ray Raymond


Former British Diplomat, Professor Emeritus at the State University of New York, Adjunct Professor at US Military Academy

Author, public speaker and consultant, Dr Ray Raymond is a former British diplomat. During his twenty-year long diplomatic career, he worked on US-UK politico-military policy, NATO and transatlantic trade policy, the diplomatic aspects of counter-terrorism and US government and politics. He is Professor Emeritus at the State University of New York, Adjunct Professor at the US Military Academy, West Point and Adjunct Fellow of the Pell Center for International Relations.
During his 20 year-long diplomatic career he specialized on US government and politics and worked on politico-military, NATO and transatlantic trade policy issues, and the diplomatic aspects of Counter-Terrorism. Dr. Raymond also worked as an adviser to then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He also served HRH The Duke of York as a speechwriter and policy adviser.

Today, Dr. Raymond writes and speaks on international security matters at colleges, universities and other organizations concerned with foreign affairs in the US and the UK, particularly US foreign and security policy, Brexit and EU issues, and the Transatlantic Relationship (especially the UK-US "Special relationship.")

Dr. Raymond’s honors include the Order of the British Empire, awarded by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Distinguished Service Medal awarded by the Chief of Staff of the US Army, Honorary Doctorate from Coe College, Gold Medal of the Royal College of Defense Studies, London, Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts and Manufactures, London, Andrew Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Yale University, and Fellowship: Gilbert Lehrman Institute of American History.