World Dinners

What could be more inviting to an international visitor than to be welcomed into the home of a local Colorado Springs family to enjoy a typical American dinner and an evening of conversation? We couldn't think of anything either. That is how "World Dinners" came to be.

Throughout the year, International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) participants visit Colorado Springs with a fast moving agenda throughout each day of their stay. On one night of their stay they are welcomed into the home of a CSWAC member for a "home cooked" (or take out) meal and to learn more about the American way of life.

While the participants are here for professional purposes, this is a way to extend their visit beyond offices and meetings and allow them to engage with Americans on a more personal level. Our volunteer hosts are a vital part of the international visitors’ programs. Their hospitality forges connections and creates lifelong friendships among people around the world.

International Visitors enjoy dinner with a local Colorado Springs family