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CSWAC Event Policy


 The following are policies and procedures for event registration, payments, and guests approved by the Board of Directors of the Colorado Springs World Affairs Council.

Guest Policy

It is the policy of the Colorado Springs World Affairs Council to encourage the participation of guests and journalists. One way to encourage participation is to open as many events as possible to the general public. Some events may require the payment of a fee for attendance. Other events may not have a fee and instead be subject to a sole visit without membership or a voluntary donation, if any. 


Persons attending as a guest of a member for the first time may attend at the member rate. Subsequently, guests will either be expected to pay an amount set for guests, which will normally be a higher fee than for members, or join the Colorado Springs World Affairs Council. If a person comes as a guest of an organization that is allotted a certain number of registrations at a membership fee, the guest may be admitted at that membership rate. Members of organizations partnering with the Council on events will be admitted at the member rate. 


Members of the press and news media are welcome to attend at no charge. It is preferred that just one representative from a particular organization be allowed to attend at no charge. However, if the staff organizer or an Officer decides to admit more than one person from the same media organization, it may be permitted on an exception basis. 

Payment and Registration Policy 

We respectfully ask that you adhere to the following policies for event registration and payment. The Colorado Springs World Affairs Council incurs nonnegotiable fees for the number of persons that we have guaranteed to our event venues. We work hard to keep our program fees as low as possible, and do not profit from our events. Therefore, we must adhere to the following policies and procedures: 

Registration Deadline. 

If you are attending in-person, you must register THREE BUSINESS DAYS in advance. If you have made a reservation and wish to cancel after the registration deadline, we cannot refund any fees as we have already incurred costs on your behalf. 

Payment at Door Policy.

We will accept registrations via email or telephone for attendees who wish to pay at the door. However, if you do not show and fail to let us know prior to the registration deadline, we will send you an invoice for the cost of the program. 

Changing Attendance to Virtual Registration.

Registrants may change their registration to virtual up to the registration deadline and receive credit for any difference in fees. After the registration deadline, we are unable to offer any registration credit for changes made.

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