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2023 Global Connections: Celebrating the Top Five Transformative Months with our International Visitor Leadership Program


The International Visitor Leadership Program orchestrated an extraordinary series of exchanges throughout the year of 2023, fostering cultural connections and diplomatic dialogues within the Colorado Springs community. From the dynamic explorations of May, weaving through the nuanced encounters of July, and delving into the multifaceted initiatives of August, the program unfolded as a tapestry of global engagement. As October emerged as a crescendo of diverse projects, each addressing unique challenges, the program and year culminated in a poignant exploration of Human Rights Across the Americas in November. This post explores the top five months of 2023, showcasing the program's ability to navigate an array of themes, from civic engagement to inclusivity in sports, urban development, and humanitarian endeavors, all against the backdrop of our beautiful and vibrant city.

MAY: Connecting Cultures and Communities in Colorado Springs

May unfolded as a vibrant prelude to the International Visitor Leadership Program's global odyssey. Four diverse groups descended upon Colorado Springs, igniting a cultural exchange that resonated throughout the community. From a dazzling exploration of Performing Arts and Cultural Centers by a Chinese delegation to insightful meetings with Uzbek bloggers and mayoral candidates, the month was a symphony of cross-cultural encounters. The spotlight on U.S. Elections and Civic Engagement brought Polish professionals to the forefront of local politics, unraveling the intricacies of campaign organization and exploring advocacy for civic engagement among individuals with disabilities. The month concluded with a multi-regional group delving into American Foreign Policy Decision Making, witnessing firsthand the dynamic interplay between civil-military relations and grassroots initiatives shaping foreign policy within the Pikes Peak region.

JULY: Navigating 21st Century Challenges and Embracing Inclusivity

July stood out as a narrative of navigating 21st-century challenges and embracing inclusivity on a global scale. Academics and government officials from Bangladesh, representing the Indo-Pacific Region, embarked on an unprecedented exploration of Colorado Springs' numerous military entities and intellectual leaders. The visitors were also in town for Fourth of July festivities, which they celebrated with their gracious home hospitality hosts. Meanwhile, Para Athletes and Coaches from Peru brought the spirit of inclusivity to Colorado Springs, immersing themselves in discussions on disability rights and adaptive sports technologies. The month concluded with a delegation from China, who delved into Philanthropy and Charitable Giving, connecting their experiences with local organizations and unraveling the interconnected web of global humanitarian efforts.

AUGUST: Shaping Urban Development, Celebrating Disability Sports, and Confronting Gender-Based Violence

August represented a multifaceted tapestry of professional and personal connections, with delegations representing various corners of the globe. Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Development brought a dapperly dressed delegation from the Kyrgyz Republic to explore the intricacies of attracting municipal-level economic investments. Simultaneously, Disability Sports took center stage, with visitors from Poland immersing themselves in the historical successes and challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in the world of sports. The month culminated in a powerful initiative dedicated to Ending Gender-Based Violence, with a regional group from Africa engaging in impactful discussions with local advocacy programs, survivors, and organizations committed to fostering change. The delegates participated in an interactive neuro-art workshop and listened to survivors share their stories through their art. One delegate was so moved by the testimonies shared, that she acknowledged herself as a survivor for the first time and began her journey toward healing.

OCTOBER: A Burst of Multifaceted Exploration

In the midst of the program's annual calendar, October stood out as an exhilarating crescendo, embodying the essence of multifaceted exploration and engagement. This dynamic month witnessed the convergence of six distinct projects, each weaving a narrative of global significance within the vibrant tapestry of Colorado Springs. A cohort of Women Leaders, championing the cause of Peace and Security, engaged in illuminating discussions with local representatives, amplifying their voices in the pursuit of global harmony. Simultaneously, another group delved into the intricate workings of the U.S. Judicial System, threading through meetings with diverse entities such as Dream Centers, Safe Passage, Red Wind Consulting, and the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office. Their interactions reinforced the collective commitment of the community to fortify women's rights and ensure the welfare of children, creating a mosaic of impactful engagements over a mere three days. Transitioning seamlessly, Science & Technology Entrepreneurship took center stage, with a multiregional delegation of thirteen visitors from the Middle East and North Africa exploring innovation hubs such as Catalyst Campus, Blue Star Recyclers, and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs' Center for Entrepreneurship. This exploration was not just a meeting of minds but a convergence of visionaries shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship on a global scale. The month's final project brought a multiregional group of five visitors dedicated to Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management into high-level panel discussions with key stakeholders. From El Paso County Public Health to the Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management, the visitors delved into the intricacies of preparedness, resilience, and collaborative efforts in times of crisis. October's vibrant tapestry showcased the International Visitor Leadership Program's remarkable ability to navigate and address varied global challenges, fostering connections and building bridges between communities with a shared commitment to a better, more resilient world.

NOVEMBER: Culminating with Human Rights Across the Americas

November marked the culmination of the year's journey, a finale resonating with the theme of Human Rights Across the Americas. A regional group from Latin America, comprising 16 visitors, embarked on a profound exploration, engaging in impactful discussions and cultural activities against the majestic backdrop of Pikes Peak. The delegates, representing diverse countries within Latin America, delved into discussions on domestic abuse advocacy, inclusivity, and creative initiatives, witnessing the diverse efforts of organizations such as TESSA and the Independence Center. November's narrative encapsulated the program's commitment to fostering international understanding, transcending borders, and building a global community dedicated to upholding human rights. 

As we reflect on this extraordinary year of global connections, the International Visitor Leadership Program continues to be a beacon of cross-cultural exchange, fostering understanding, and building bridges that transcend geographical boundaries. If you would like to become more involved in these powerful connections, join the Committee of International Visitors, or if you'd like to host a delegation through one of our home hospitality opportunities, reach out to Elise and Aaron at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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