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Bill Berry cropped 3Dr. William E. Berry, Jr. is currently an independent consultant specializing in East Asian security issues after retiring from the Air Force as a colonel in 1997. During his military career, he served in Vietnam, the Philippines, Korea, and Malaysia where he was the air attaché from 1990-1993.  He also taught at the Air Force Academy, the National War College, and the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies and was the senior military professor and chair of the Academy’s Department of Political Science toward the end of his career. A Cornell PhD, he has written and lectured extensively on topics related to U.S. security interests in both Northeast and Southeast Asia. His earlier book, U.S. Bases in the Philippines: The Evolution of the Special Relationship, is generally considered to be one of the seminal works on this subject. Dr. Berry completed his most recent book entitled Global Security Watch-Korea, published by Praeger/Greenwood Press in March 2008. He and his wife, Noelle, live in Monument, Colorado.