Secondary Education

Our Educational Mission
The Council is a non-partisan organization whose mission is to create and sustain greater study, discussion, and public participation in international relations. We are dedicated to preparing this and the next generation to be more informed citizens of a global power and more effective participants in a global marketplace. Our secondary education outreach is an integral part of what we do.


Educational Opportunities for Students and Their Teachers

  • Inter-scholastic World Affairs Competitions.  The Council provides information and support to teachers and students who are motivated by the challenge of learning and competing. Teachers recruit and coach the student teams.  The Council offers guidance and resources.
  • Academic WorldQuest™ is for teams of four high school students who answer multiple choice questions on national security topics chosen by leaders of the World Affairs Councils nationwide. The Colorado Springs winning team will go to Washington, D.C. to compete in the national finals. Academic WorldQuest™ is a flagship youth education program of the national network of World Affairs Councils of America.    For a look at this year’s topics and the extensive study guide provided by the national Council…Learn more at Academic Worldquest 2015
  • High School Symposium  Each year a timely international topic becomes the focus of an all-day interactive debate. There is a keynote speaker, a debate, and a film on the topic, followed by small group discussions and conclusions. This popular annual event takes place this year on September 21 at Colorado College and draws several hundred students from across the city.   For information on this year’s topic, “North Korea” and directions for registering, click High School Symposium
  • Speaker Events   Approximately once a month the Council presents speakers of national renown at member luncheons which are normally held at the Broadmoor Hotel.  Secondary school teachers are invited to sign up and bring a limited number of their students to these events at no charge.  See events on the front page.


  • Young Diplomats Clubs  These clubs are formed by students interested in international affairs who wish to extend their learning beyond the classroom with activities of their own design. After school approval and the support of a faculty member are secured, the World Affairs Council will offer guidance and resources as requested. Membership in the Council will be given at no charge to club members. For a list of suggested activities, click Young Diplomats Clubs.
  • International Visitors  Teachers or students may be able to offer hospitality to official guests of the federal government who come to Colorado Springs to investigate areas of interest.  For more information about the Committee on International Visitors, click here.

You Can Sponsor Our Secondary Education Outreach

Be Visionary.  Be part of helping today’s youth meet tomorrow’s challenges successfully.  Invest in Colorado Springs World Affairs Council’s High School Symposium. 

Become a Sponsor

CSWAC Supporters Can Contribute to our Educational Outreach.

The Colorado Springs World Affairs Council can provide programmatic or financial assistance to area schools. Our members can furnish the names of possible speakers and other resources for student activities. Teacher advisors can also request money to help students attend out-of-town competitions. Funds come from a grant by members Jim and Diane Cameron, as well as from contributions from other World Affairs Council members.

Supporters can also get involved with student activities as a coach or facilitator.

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